Business Central

Run your business anywhere

Choose cloud or on-premises. Business Central runs where you need it, offering the same user experience no matter how you deploy.
Take your business on the go.  The mobile version supports both cloud and on-premises users with a consistent experience across Windows, Android, and iOS devices.
Remove language barriers. Business Central supports 25 languages to help increase your productivity.
Store and transmit data across your systems. Help protect your data from unauthorized access with automatic Microsoft datacenter encryption.

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Manage your financials

Make informed decisions using connected data from reports, charts, and Microsoft Power BI dashboards across finance and accounting, sales, purchasing, and inventory. The late payment prediction extension helps you reduce receivables.
View charts and reports in real time through built-in reports, Excel, or Power BI. Use unlimited dimensions for your data to identify patterns and trends.
Accelerate financial closing and reporting by using the integrated accounts receivable and payable capabilities. Streamline the process with approval workflows and Microsoft Power Automate integration.
Track financial performance with custom general ledger (G/L) and account schedules reporting. Evaluate cost, revenue, or profit reporting in the cost accounting module.

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Optimize your supply chain

Predict the best time to replenish stock using built-in intelligence. Use sales forecasts and expected stock-outs to automatically create purchase orders.
Get a holistic view of your inventory, and use the same costing method or different methods for your inventory items. Freely move items between locations, and control the quantity on hand using cycling counting.
Engage with your suppliers proactively and cost-effectively. Register potential suppliers, send inquiries, and convert the best offers to orders. Configure required approvers to help ensure compliance with internal and external policies.
Use system-generated suggestions to replenish inventory based on actual and forecast demand and availability.

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Accelerate your sales process

Prioritize leads based on revenue potential. Keep track of customer interactions and get guidance on the best upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities throughout your sales cycle.
Optimize revenue and address customers’ needs, with flexible pricing and discount structures for individual customers and customer groups.
Keep an overview of agreements with sales order and blanket sales order processes. Quickly give customers details about prices, discounts, delivery dates, product availability, and fulfillment status.
Address customer returns with sales return order management, including credit notes, repairs, or replacements.

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Deliver projects on time and under budget

Create, manage, and track customer projects using timesheets and advanced job costing and reporting capabilities. Develop and modify budgets to ensure project profitability.
Manage resource levels by planning capacity and sales. Track customer invoicing against planned or actual costs on orders and quotes.
Make effective decisions using real-time insights on project status, profitability, and resource-usage metrics.

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Run your warehouse efficiently

Optimize your storage facilities by setting up bins and zones in Business Central to reflect the layout of your warehouse and its racks and shelves.
Streamline receiving and storage by using a template to determine the best placement of items based on type, size, and bin capacity.
Get recommendations on where to move items to optimize the space and the picking process. Speed up shipments and reduce friction caused by cross-docking.
Use real-time data on every item’s zone, bin, and quantity to better fulfill your customers’ orders.

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Reach your optimal level of output

Produce within your supply and capacity constraints. Implement your manufacturing process according to plan, even in agile and complicated environments.
Specify a list of sellable item , raw materials, subassemblies, or resources as a bill of materials that comprises a finished product or a kit.
Use assembly orders to replenish items to stock. Capture customers’ special requirements in a bill of materials, and use it directly from the sales quote and sales order line in your assembly-to-order processes.
Use production orders  for more complex processes. Register consumption and output, and manage multiple bills of materials and routes. Reconcile scrap and deviations in consumption and output.

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Live up to your service promises

Gain a comprehensive overview of your service tasks and workloads to effectively assign personnel to work orders. Keep track of service agreements to deliver reliable service to your customers.
Ensure a smooth transition from sales to after-sales by automatically registering shipped goods as service items. Keep the required details in one place for optimal service.
Manage after-sales issues, whether adjustments require a full replacement or a simple repair.
Track repair details, including used service items, spare parts, and labor charges, in one service order. Boost customer loyalty by providing spare equipment to customers while their equipment is under maintenance.

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Built to be tailored to your needs

Offering deep and broad industry functionality, Business Central is a comprehensive, customizable platform for improving productivity. We deliver add-on business solutions tailored to specific industries.

Talk to us to find apps and implementation packages that deliver rich solutions for a variety of industries. Whatever your specialty, Evo-Soft Ireland helps your growing business thrive.


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