Expenses Help

Applies To: Mobile Expenses for iOS, Android and Windows


The Mobile Expenses app allows you to take a picture of receipt, statement or other relevant document, store it on your device and optionally email that record to your back-office system for further processing or to yourself as a reminder to look at it later.

System Requirements:

iOS 8 or later

Android 4.4 Kit Kat or later

Windows 10 version 1709 (16299) or later


On initial run of the app, there are two key elements that user must provide:

–          A decision whether back-office system integration is required

–          If no back-office integration is needed, come up with suitable ID and Pin, otherwise input those details provided by the back-office administration.

In case of simple offline expense records storage, the ID and Pin are used to protect access to users’ information and in case of email integration, those details are used as part of the email.

In any case, please go to Setup and change Source and Target email addresses to your own emails or provided by back-office integration requirements.

Email Integration: (update Jul 19)

The app has been designed with integration features in mind and offers two levels of isolation : – full offline mode and – email integration mode.

When email integration is switched on, certain technical details will be required to fully utilise it, including SMTP setup.

To perform correct SMTP setup users are advised to consult their IT department or confident IT savvy person. If such services are unavailable, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to assist you with every query.

When activating email integration you might want to consult the following articles to avoid potential problems.

How to set up application to send email using Office 365

Let less secure apps access your Google account

GoDaddy workplace email setup help

Easy Settings QR: (update Sep 26)

From version 1004 (1.1.3) we have added “easy settings” QR code recognition function, that allows organizations using email integration to propagate internal settings to all users with a simple image. If your company requires to utilize the new function, please let us know using contact options below.

A sample QR code looks as following


If the Setup button is not visible, double tap on login screen to launch setup screen and change necessary settings.

If you create ID and Pin and then loose one or both, there is no way to recover them and you will have to reinstall the app, potentially loosing all recorded data!

Get help or provide suggestions:

Please feel free to get in touch or request any help by sending email to info@evosoftireland.com


– Does this app access any paid content or services?

The app is designed to work independently and completely offline, unless email integration is switched on. If the email integration is activated, the app will use SMTP server settings (address, port, username and password) provided by the user, to email “scanned” copy of the Base64 encoded picture that user photographed, from Source email address to Target email address, provided by the user.

– What are the paid content or services, and what are the costs?

No other content or services is provided or consumed by the app, it is merely a photographing tool to capture image, encode it and optionally email to back-office system if required.

– Do individual customers pay for the content or services?

The app does not provide or recommend any specific content or services, it is up to the user to choose specific email provider for the back-office integration or use their company settings.

– If no, does a company or organization pay for the content or services?

A company or organization using the app for back-office integration might be required to pay for email services separately or choose a free email provider.  

– Where do they pay, and what’s the payment method?

It is up to the user or their back-office system provider to choose which services to use and how to pay for those services, the app does not require particular setup.

– If users create an account to use your app, are there fees involved?

No fees involved at any stage of the app usage, it is completely free of charge and no special account is required. The ID and Pin are specified on the first run of the app to secure access to the documents photographed or optionally submitted to the back-office system.

– How do users obtain an account?

If there is no email integration configured, user must come up with ID and pin themselves, otherwise they should use details required by the email integration.

– Where does the collected information go?

The only place the information might go to is the target email address, when the email integration is switched on. Evo-Soft Ireland does not collect any user information under no circumstances.